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New wellness centre Eden Spa

Come to unique wellness with panoramatic sauna and view on nature. Relaxation room is directly in Rock town. Steam sauna, hammam, bathing and whole body spa procedure are prepared also in historical rooms.

Wellness facilities and opening hours of Eden Spa

Open daily from 9.00 to 21.00.

  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam Bath
  • Relaxation area in the rocks of the Bohemian Paradise

Private open air whirlpool overlooking Skalni mesto (the Rock City)

Open air whirlpool is located right on the cliff and offers spectacular, uninterrupted views of the sweeping landscapes of the Rock City. Entrance to the whirlpool is from the corridor of the Castellan wing of the Chateau.

Complete Eden Spa pricelist.

Traditional and Recondition Massages

Massage is one of the oldest curative methods, eliminating stress, rejuvenating and bringing the wholesome feeling of happiness. The healing power of a touch provides the precious peace of mind and of the body.

Aromatic Massage

Traditional massage supplemented by the effects of essential oils for tension-release, harmonization and energy recovery.
  • 25 min. – Choose by yourself the scent to release your mind as well as your muscles. (back and back-of-the-neck massage)
  • 50 min. – Traditional full-body massage with essential oils (back of the neck, back, legs, arms)
  • 75 min. – For perfect release of mind and all muscle areas (head, back of the neck, back, arms, legs)

Lava Stone Massage

  • 25 min. – hot lava stones have a wholesome relaxing effect, releasing muscle areas and affecting energy paths especially those of gall bladder and urinary bladder (the back)
  • 50 min. – full-body fingers-to-toes relaxing massage (back, arms, legs)

Anti-stress head and neckline massage with precious essential oils and hair pack

  • 25 min. – Highly pleasurable massage ideal for releasing the mind as well as the so-called hormones of happiness

Detoxifying Honey Massage

  • 25 min. – Let yourself not get fooled by the 'honey' word, this is not another light and relaxing procedure. This is a strongly detoxicant massage helping to remove cellulite and aimed at those in need of circulation improvement. (back, hips)

Reflex Sole Massage

  • 20 min – 4 500 year-old procedure using the connection between respective body organs and particular spots on the sole. This massage will ensure harmonious function of your bodily organs and release your spine

Chocolate Massage

  • 30 min. – Hot chocolate back massage is releasing and certainly the most sensuous of massages. Do you sometimes eat the whole bar of chocolate in one sitting and then feel bad about your figure? Chocolate massage will satisfy your need and you won't gain a pound
  • 50 min – Overall exclusive pack massage smooth down and beautify your skin, egest toxins, release muscles and induce euphoria

Rejuvenating Peeling Massage

  • 20 min. – Want to be beautiful and not miss the delight of a massage? Oil peeling with sea salt will refresh and revive the skin of your entire body and spoil yourself with a pleasurable massage

Seaweed Pack

  • 20 min – One of the healing/beautifying procedures. Deep-sea weed full of chlorophyll has enormous detoxifying effect and leaves the skin nice and smooth after application. Full-body peeling is recommended prior to pack procedure.

Mud Pack

  • 20 min. – Full body pack. Perfect muscle release after sports or stressful events, contains warming element, dissolves tissue acidity and gets you nice and warm
  • 20 min. – Partial pack. Applied to critical parts. Excellent for acute back blockings and chronic joint pains

Intensive A C E vitamin body cream pack

  • 20 min. – Exclusive full-body treatment, vitamin bomb for your skin, prior full-body peeling recommended for perfect impact

Detoxifying Mud Peeling

  • 25 min. – Combination of sea salt, oil and eiffel fango mud provides dead cell removal as well as powerful detoxification. The skin is smooth and muscles released

Anti-cellulite Program

  • 50 min – Among its many causes, having sedentary jobs, especially for women, is the most frequent one. We have set up a program for you combined with brushing, warming pack and gentle massage
  • 3×50 min. – Because we know single procedure is not enough to defy cellulite, we are offering you 3 procedures at a favorable price

Kid Spa Baths

Czech proverb goes “What you learn in youth, you will find useful when you get old” for a good reason. Let's teach our children to relax and focus. Spoil them to some massages and packs but also active relaxation.

Fragrant chocolate massage with a short pack

  • 20 min. – Was it your childhood dream too to sink in chocolate as in a fairy-tale land of plenty? Gentle massage releases the senses and brings joyful mood

Massage for Tired Little Feet

  • 20 min. – Reflective sole massage will harmonize inner organs functions

Cosmetic Facial Treatment

Wellness Facial Treatment

  • 60 min. – Relaxation and exclusive treatment including cleansing, peeling, gentle massage and closing cream application

Cosmetic facial treatment including collagen mask

  • 75 min. – Skin treatment against wrinkles. Procedure includes cleansing, peeling, and nourishing mask with pure collagen.

Cosmetic Facial Treatment for Men

  • 60 min. – Tailored to the specific needs of male skin, yet as relaxing as any other treatment!

Silk Hands

  • 20 min. – Your hands show your age, and therefore should be treated to a very special care – peeling, nourishing pack and gentle massage

Happy Feet

  • 25 min. – The Český Ráj area is popular for sports and hiking, and that's why we take regeneration of your feet very seriously. Peeling, Pack and Massage

Special Programs Optimal Procedure Combination

World of Sea

  • The secret of eternal youth from the deep of the ocean. The deep of the ocean. Treasury of the secret. Dimension of eternal beauty. Origin of all life – created four million years ago from an endless amount of primordial energy, basic and absolute power. Dive with us into the depth of an ocean and wake up like Venus with a gorgeously silky, fresh and brilliant skin. Rare magic of this divine treatment includes sea-weed pack, deluxe cosmetic treatment and gentle rubbing in the nourishing ACE cream

World of Asia ScenTao

  • Travel to faraway countries, let yourself get carried away from the routine of your everyday life. Discover the world of natural beauty. Easy energy flow. ShiTao treatment is a unique wellness experience, one of a kind. It uses massaging techniques of the Far East, releasing your body, face and senses. Massaging pressure points will make energy circulate all over your body. Warm stones and aromatic ScenTao oil will make your body feel good and released. Follow-up facial cosmetic treatment includes anti-stress head massage and will keep you fully relaxed. You will feel the results immediately. ShiTao restores life energy to its natural balance. ScenTao – pure relaxation from head to toe!

Blue Lagoon

  • Are you looking for something out of the ordinary for a special day with your partner? Treat yourselves to an extraordinary experience for the two of you. The spoiling for two begins with a full-body treatment by 2 therapists in a single relaxation area. A full-body pack with nourishing A C E cream, cosmetic facial treatment with collagen mask and a back massage for HER. Partial mud pack, foot massage including reflective sole massage and a back massage for HIM

We offer you the opportunity to fully enjoy services of our wellness in the privacy with your loved ones.
To book a private wellness please visit

Active Relaxation – Motion Activities

Wanna enjoy “lightness of being”? Move. You will for sure remember the feeling of joy and physical wellness raised from a continuous and harmonic movement. You are invited to rehabilitative breathing therapy and Priessnitz walking

Rehabilitative Breathing Therapy

  • Use the healing power of your breath. Priessnitz used to say: “If there was no water, I'd use air to heal”. Breathing therapy affects your physical condition and releases critical muscle areas as necessary. Our therapists will advise as to what set of exercises suits best your particular condition

Priessnitz Walking

  • Is a full climate therapy provided in the beautiful nature of Český ráj. According to Priessnitz, the combination of motion activity, breathing exercises and partial cooling of limbs allows for maximum healing effect on the entire human organism. Positively affects weight reduction, cardiovascular system function, reduces back and joint pains, and strengthens physical and mental immunity

Computer Kinesiology

  • Do you suffer from chronic locomotive system trouble with no end in sight, or just want to check the status of your musculoskeletal system, its imbalance and therapy options. Try out our computerized rehabilitation examination, the therapist will show you the graph, explain the cause of your problems, and advise how to get out


Life emerged from water, and therefore we return to her for energy and sense of calm. Mr. Kneipp wrote: "Water is salvation" and we know that he was not exaggerating. Baths are good preparation for effective massage. Tired body regenerates, gets cleaned and released.

  • Moorbath - extract of medicinal peat has a strong detoxifying effect, releases the musculoskeletal system, softens skin with eczema, psoriasis and dissolve harmful substances in the body.
  • The good old days – if you want to return for a moment to your carefree youth, it is simple with this bath. Induces a state of euphoria and softens the skin.
  • The brine bath - moisturizing bath with sea salt, we recommend after this bath to take a vitamin wrap with ACE cream that softens hydrated skin and gives it nutrition.
  • Aroma bath - this bath combines the effect of baths and inhalation of fine aromatic essences. Choose according to your needs aroma for relaxing, balancing energy and regaining energy.
  • Goodnight bath - lemon bath for a good sleep and well-being.
  • Bath of Cleopatra and Mark Antony - it was already a lot written about the beauty of Cleopatra, , you can try out in practice as she did it - bath for beauty.

Hamam – Turkish bath

Wonderful relaxation, mental and physical cleansing.
Hamam roots date back to 5000 BC, originated in Greece, the Romans improved it and perfected was in Turkey. This procedure will wash away all the dirt from outside world.

It starts with warming up in the sauna or steam bath, then you will lie down on the heated bed, followed by a thorough cleaning by your therapist with a washing and scrubbing the whole body by special washcloth "Kese". When all the old skin is removed enjoy a full body soap massage. At the end you will be poured over alternately hot and cold water, wrapped in a bathrobe you will finish relaxation in a nice comfortable quiet room.

  • 90 minutes - Warming up in the sauna or steam bath, peeling with glove Kese, soap massage.
  • 30 minutes - Warming up in the sauna or steam bath, peeling with sea salt.

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